Being driven by the responsibility to the quality of life of our customers and realizing what a powerful therapeutic and anti-inflammatory effect snail slime can have and from thereon what a beautifying instrument it can be, we decided to make snail cosmetics accessible to everyone.

In 2010 we pioneered biological snail farming for the purposes of the cosmetics industry in Bulgaria. Situated in Plovdiv Province, the farm takes up an area of 32,300 sq. ft. where over 1,000,000 snails of the North African snail species Helix Aspersa Maxima are raised. We chose this particular snail species because they produce the highest quality snail slime for cosmetic products.

Our snails enjoy premium care. We feed them with specially developed forage rich in vitamins. A computer system monitors their general comfort and sprinkles water at regular intervals. In the winter, while snails are dormant, we take care of them in a special temperature-controlled chamber, suited to their needs. We collect their slime manually without causing them the slightest harm. We never employ machines in the slime-extracting process because keeping them alive is of utmost importance to us.